Business Valuation

Discovering Values Ahead

What do we do?

Our Business Valuation specialists comprising Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), Registered Business Valuers and Mineral Resources Valuation Specialists can provide valuations for different kinds of business purposes such as financial reporting, tax reporting, corporate planning, mergers and acquisitions and general business planning & corporate finance.

Our services cover the following assets:

  • Privately-held companies or public companies
  • Infrastructure assets
  • Intangible assets/Intellectual property
  • Biological assets
  • Financial instruments
  • Exploration right
  • Mining right

How do we work?

We provide an accurate and candid fair value opinion supported by sophisticated financial models, with a thorough analysis of the company’s market positioning and assets held. Our reports always include complete justification of our opinions.

Who do we work for?

Fund institutions, investment advisers, professional audit firms, listing applicants and a substantial number of enterprises in the Greater China region.


Key contacts

Frank Jiang

Frank Jiang

Senior Director and Head of Valuation, Central China

Savills Shanghai

+8621 6391 6688 Ext 8718


James Woo

James Woo

Director, Head of Valuation, Beijing
Valuation, Beijing

Savills Beijing

+8610 5925 2212


Tsui Yik

Tsui Yik

Head of Southern China
Savills Real Estate Valuation (Guangzhou) Limited

+8620 3892 7051 / +86755 8828 5243


William Zhang

William Zhang

Associate Director
Head of Valuation, Western China

Savills Chengdu

+8628 8665 3175


Franco Liu

Franco Liu

Managing Director, Savills Macau and Southwest China

Savills Zhuhai

+86756 3227 728